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What The HHS Rescindment of Kratom Classification Means

Have you heard the news? In 2018, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS for short, rescinded kratom classification as a Schedule I controlled substance. This news was revealed by the American Kratom Association this past January after they published the official letter of rescindment on their website.

There are some important things to unpack with this reveal, so let’s take a closer look to see what all of this means.

What is a Rescindment?

A rescindment is a formal withdrawal. This means that the HHS, who initially suggested that kratom take a classification as a Schedule I substance, later took back that suggestion. The rescindment letter even says that the HHS believes that “there is a significant risk of immediate adverse public health consequences to potentially millions of users if kratom or its components are included in Schedule I.”

This is big news for several reasons. Schedule I substances are usually considered to be highly dangerous. Having kratom in this group sends a terrible message that the benefits of kratom come with hazardous effects. Although this might seem like a small step towards nationwide legalization, the fact that this rescindment took place is proof that the stigma around kratom is beginning to loosen.

What is a Schedule I Substance?

One thing that might have caught your eye was the previous recommendation that kratom is a Schedule I controlled substance. Under this classification, substances could have “a high potential for abuse,” according to the State of Rhode Island Department of Health. This would have put kratom under the same classification as:


We talked about this potential classification in a 2018 blog post and urged customers like you to stay informed and diligent about this situation. Thanks to your patience and support, we have officially gotten this recommended classification rescinded.

How Does This Affect the Kratom Industry?

This rescindment from the HSS is excellent news for the kratom industry. This former recommendation was meant to harm our industry by using fear-mongering tactics to those unfamiliar with kratom. However, having the proposal be invalid may be seen as a significant stride towards normalized kratom usage.

While the FDA is still skeptical about kratom’s possible effects, this HHS rescindment is massive news for us here at NuWave Botanicals. We will be sure to notify all of our customers when any other developments in this story are available.

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