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Navigating the world of herbal remedies may be a bit challenging if you are starting. After all, there are a large number of products and strains that you have to learn. It may be a little bit confusing. 

Here at NuWave Botanicals, we are here to help. Our first recommendation is to talk to your doctor or physician to see what is best for you. From there, we may help determine the best products for you! We offer two types of products in our inventory: kratom and CBD.

However, these two types of remedies are not the same because they offer different side effects and potential risks. Here are some of the significant differences you need to know between the two.

What It Could Treat

If you are experiencing slight or nonsevere aches, CBD might be the one for you. This type of supplement is for those who experience mild aches throughout their daily lives. Not only that, but CBD may also be used to treat stress. It is currently seeing a spike in interest within fitness circles to relieve muscles after workouts. 

On the other hand, kratom could be best for you if you are experiencing something more severe. Kratom could be a recommendation for recovering opioid addicts as a way to relieve the effects of withdrawal. Depending on what your doctor recommends, we have the product that will be best for you.

Where You May Be Able to Purchase It

One of the most significant issues with natural remedies and supplements is accessibility across the United States. Many businesses that offer such products, such as us at NuWave Botanicals, might not access many customers. However, we may offer our CBD products across all fifty states, as the use of hemp-based CBD became legalized in 2018. 

Kratom’s accessibility is not the same, as it is still experiencing roadblocks to complete legalization. While some states have passed kratom laws and many others have no regulations on the product, the following states have banned the use of kratom:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

What Side Effects You Could Experience

Arguably the reason why CBD is entirely legal was the fact that it provides few adverse side effects. Even then, users reportedly experienced only mild side effects, such as a dry mouth. This is most likely because of the large amount of research and testing regarding CBD.

The same might not be said for kratom, as little research exists. However, kratom does have more potential side effects than CBD. This is because it focuses on more intense purposes, such as detoxing. However, this does not mean that we want to discourage you from kratom if it is best for you. Here at NuWave Botanicals, we recommend infrequent use of kratom and talk with your doctor to create a suitable consumption plan.

Buy Kratom and CBD Products at Exotic Herbs

Whether you have decided which product is best for you or you still need some assistance, our team at NuWave Botanicals may help. We carry a wide selection of products that could potentially give you the relief you need. Call us today to learn more.

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