First of all please make sure that you have created an account and are logged in when ordering.
One way is to sign up for our email blasts on our website.  You will get occasional emails with secret discount codes.  Ex. We had 15% off for a month “Corona virus discount code”
Hint.  Another one is coming up for Memorial day.
Another way is to leave reviews about your past purchases.  This is autogenerated uniquely just for your email address linked to your account. 7 days after every order you receive an automated email from “feedback@cusrev.com”  Follow the link to leave the reviews.
Additionally.  After your purchase you can share your purchase on social media.  If you do so, you will get a discount code for your next order.

Make sure you have our email address added to your contact list.  Otherwise these emails often go to spam folder.
Remember, codes don’t work if you are not logged in.

Chris Jepson Asked question May 19, 2020