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5 Kratom Recipes That Actually Taste Good

For kratom users, finding an acceptable way to take the herb may be a challenge. Kratom is infamous for its bitter, unpleasant taste, but many users swear that its effects are worth putting up with the cringe while ingesting it. However, kratom powder may be mixed...

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Buyer’s Guide: Purchasing the Best Kratom

Since kratom’s discovery centuries ago, the Asia-native plant has become increasingly popular in the western world for its potential energizing and mood-altering effects. Many herald the coffee relative as a natural alternative to medication, opioids, and more. It has...

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Kratom: Red vs White vs Green

Are you looking for calm, or do you want more energy? Maybe you’d like to enhance your focus or get into the “zone”. If you’ve heard of kratom, you may have heard of the different strains, which are typically divided into three sections depending on the color of their...

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5 Tips For Getting Started With Kratom

One of the hottest buzzwords in the wellness industry is “kratom”, but what is this emerging plant, and why is it suddenly becoming so popular? According to Kratom Science, “the kratom tree, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa Korth, is a plain-looking evergreen native...

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