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If you’ve done some research on CBD, you might have come across the word “bioavailability”. In the world of CBD, or cannabidiol, bioavailability is important for how CBD is taken. Bioavailability is defined as how quickly a substance is absorbed by a body, and it may vary depending on the method of consumption. For example, taking CBD oil sublingually (or under the tongue) is one of the best ways to absorb the cannabinoid, while eating a CBD gummy could still work but would have lessened effects after passing through the stomach and digestive tract.

Depending on why you’re taking CBD, different methods may work best for different ailments. For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, using an inhalation method such as vaping or taking an oil sublingually to get the maximum effects of the CBD may be your best bet. However, if you have a sore knee and you want a spot treatment, a high-potency CBD lotion may do the trick. Some of the most common ways to consume CBD include:

  • Sublingual drops under the tongue
  • Ingesting gummies, drinks, foods, or capsules
  • Inhalation methods such as vaping
  • Topical options like lotions

Oil Tinctures

CBD oils are some of the most popular options for administering cannabidiol. They may be taken under the tongue or added to drinks and food. Depending on the method of administration, the bioavailability will change. When taken sublingually, the CBD oil may enter the bloodstream more quickly as there are many small capillaries under the tongue. By adding CBD oil to drinks, on the other hand, it must pass through the digestive system, which minimizes the absorption rate. CBD oil comes in many different flavors and potencies, so there is likely an option for you!


Another popular option for taking CBD is to eat an edible. While the most common form of CBD edibles is a gummy, there are many different types available for purchase. Gummies may provide an easy and tasty way to ingest CBD and still offers some absorption, though it is less potent than taking the oil sublingually.

Vapes & Other Options

CBD may be taken in many other forms as well. One of the most potent ways to take the cannabidiol is to smoke it, either in a vape oil or in its raw bud form. Smoke is inhaled into the lungs, where there are thousands of blood vessels to absorb the CBD. This is also one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. You may also find topical options such as lotions, bath bombs, and more. These options are great for more minor needs or simply relaxing.

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