whole herbs premium maeng da kratom capsules

Per FDA we cannot suggest dosage. There is a new act being passed and at that time we will be able to answer more on this but as of now all i can say is to go to reddit and ask question there or go to the aka (american kratom association)

How much of the krave zen 3x do you take ?

Due to the FDA we are unable to comment on dosage. With the kratom act going into effect hopefully soon we will be able to answer questions like this . As for what its does it works differently for everyone we cant say that it cures or prevents or anything of this...

kilos cost for 3

Hi Maria  If your buying Experience powder and your checking out as a guests then the kilo price is $110. if you are registered with us and you log in to your account and order then we have a discount program and for 3 kilos of Experience powder you pay $82.50 a kilo....

What is the best product for pain?

exp = 0.6g chioce jumbo 1g all others 0.5g as for which is the best for pain pre the FDA we cannot suggest that. If you go to reddit or the AKA they can answer this. I can tell you that red strains are more relaxing, white and yellow has a more energetic feel and...

Order hold

order shipped on day order was placed https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?qtc_tLabels1=9405511699000230481245

Wholesale inquiry

Yes we do offer wholesale. Please text me at 801-706-1929 I’m currently on a flight to New Zealand. I can respond in a few hours. Please email us your company name, ein #,billing and shipping address as well as contact phone # I will create a login to our b2b...

How many MG per capsule?

It depends on which brand you are referring to. Choice is 1gram per capsule Experience and EXP are 650mg per capsule most of the others are 500mg per capsule

Payment Options

we take mobile app payments, Zelle and we also have a payment link attached to the invoice we send you after order is put in